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2 January 1964
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"Feminism (at least my brand) doesn’t oppose sexiness, but it opposes compulsory sexiness… If women could be sexy on our own time — if looking and acting sexual was an indicator that we were actually interested in being sexy, rather than just doing what we gotta — then sexiness would mean something. We’d realize that actually, women aren’t sexless when left to our own devices. We’d discover the many different things that make women feel sexy (some of us kinda rock the cargo pants, thank you) and we’d be more comfortable with women being unsexy when they had other shit to do.

I think that if women — if people — were free to express their sexuality when and how they wanted, there’d end up being more sexiness in the world, and this is why feminism is ultimately pro-sexy."

- The Pervocracy, Feminism and sexiness

The word "slut" is an act of violence. Not just metaphorically. It gives permission for people to rape us, and the person who wields it doesn’t have to lift a finger. It sends a signal: this one is fair game. Have at her. No one will blame you.

- Feministing, You can call us that name, but we will not shut up


Some of these posts may be unsuitable for people who are under the legal age or easily offended. Use your brain and the back button when necessary, 'k? I'm not your freakin' babysitter!

Also: 'interest' =/= enjoy/condone/support, necessarily. It merely means 'subjects I want to find out more about'. For example: I have 'hpv (human papiloma virus)' listed as one of my interests. That doesn't mean I enjoy it!

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